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Jon Jekel is an attorney, author, and entrepreneur in San Diego, CA. At TechLaw, he advises artists, inventors and entrepreneurs on business and intellectual property (“IP”) issues, including business formation, brand development, commercial transactions, copyright and trademark registration, and commercial litigation. In his free time, Jon is the Co-Editor of a casebook on Federal Trademark Prosecution, and the author of Inter Vivos

Why did Jon become an attorney?

In 2009, Jon moved to San Diego to pursue a Master’s in Fine Arts in Fiction Writing. Yet, with developments like Google Books, Spotify, Wikipedia, the Maker Movement, and Etsy, he began to wonder whether humanity was on the verge of its next Renaissance. He wanted to join the conversation, so he left his MFA program and enrolled in the University of San Diego School of Law, where he focused on business and IP.

What is Jon’s philosophy on practice?

Jon believes that good things take time. He works tirelessly to ensure that every piece of work product he creates is exceptional, and that his clients understand and endorse every recommendation he makes. In addition, Jon respects passion, and loves that his practice allows him to help clients turn dreams into careers and legal disputes into memories. Above all, Jon prides himself on his ability to find creative, pragmatic solutions to systemic problems in a business or legal regime. A good day for Jon is when he goes home feeling like he was able to genuinely help one of the artists, inventors, or entrepreneurs he is proud to represent.

What occupies Jon’s time outside of practice?

Jon likes to stay busy. Outside of TechLaw, he is an avid writer of speculative fiction and legal scholarship. He is currently working with his editor to finalize his novel Inter Vivos. In addition, he is co-editor of a law school casebook on trademark prosecution, which is slated for publication in 2016. Other hobbies include going to concerts, managing a 7,000+ LP collection, and practicing Vinyasa yoga.

Over the past two years, Jon has started two companies – Soundcheck, an automated event planning and logistics platform for small to medium-sized concert venues, and Emergy, a sustainable energy company focused on providing short-term power for disaster relief. Jon sits on the Board of Directors for Easter Bunny Headquarters, a non-profit charity in Southwest Florida, and devotes much of his time to providing pro bono services to non-profits in the arts and entertainment.

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